Water is used for various applications in a wide-range of applications in end-use industries such as pharmaceuticals, paper & pulp, chemicals, oil & gas, and textiles. These end-use industries are some of the major contributors to water pollution, as the discarded water from the companies operating in these verticals contain more harmful substances. Improper wastewater management by these companies is significantly improving the demand for wastewater treatment globally over the past few years.
Market Dynamics
The key factors attributing to the growth of wastewater treatment chemicals are increasing water contamination levels owing to rapid industrialization, coupled with increasing water scarcity, which further led to the development of stringent government regulations to improve the wastewater treatment facilities across the globe.
Growth in the water consumption in end-use industries like paper & pulp, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, and the need for treating them will significantly propel the product demand, thereby accelerating the wastewater treatment chemicals market size over the projected years. The water eliminated from the end-use industries must be treated well, in order to maintain the properties such as hardness, TDS, alkalinity, and pH. These water treatment chemicals are used for eliminating all the possible impurities in the discarded water to make it useful for further uses.

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Growing oil & gas exploration activities in both developing and developed economies such as North America, India, and China will significantly boost the demand for wastewater treatment chemicals over the coming years. Moreover, rising sea water
desalination activities are likely to open new opportunities for the global wastewater treatment chemicals market. The market is expected to restrain by the development of alternate technologies such as aeration, air floatation, electro-dialysis, graphene filters, etc.
By Chemical
Global wastewater treatment chemicals market has been segmented by chemical into coagulants & flocculants, corrosion & scale inhibitors, biocides & disinfectants, chelating agents, and others which include pH adjusters, softeners, anti-foaming agents, etc. The demand for coagulants & flocculants is expected to hold the major share of global market over the forecast period. This is majorly due to their high consumption for removing suspended solids, clarification, softening, sludge removal, etc. The demand for corrosion & scale inhibitors is expected to rise on a higher rate, due to their increasing consumption, due to their favorable properties to maintain optimum parameters of water in cooling systems.
By End-Use Industry
Based on end-use industry, the wastewater treatment chemicals market has been segmented into municipal & industrial. The industrial segment is further bifurcated into paper & pulp, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas, textile, and others, which include power, semiconductor, FMCG, mining, metal, etc. The demand for wastewater treatment chemicals for industrial segment is expected to have the lion’s share of the global wastewater treatment chemicals market in the entire forecast period. This is majorly due to the huge product consumption in the oil & gas industry during exploration, refining, and processing operations.
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By Region
North America wastewater treatment chemicals market is anticipated to have the highest market share due to the large industrial base, which includes key players operating in oil & gas, paper & pulp, pharmaceutical, and chemical end-use industries. The Asia Pacific regional market is expected to have the highest growth rate, due to rising industrialization activities in developing countries such as China, and India. Moreover, the Middle East regional market is expected to provide attractive opportunities for the wastewater treatment chemicals market, due to high petroleum refinery activities.
Key Players
The prominent players in the global wastewater treatment chemicals market include Kemira, BASF, Nalco-Ecolab, BWA Water Additives, AkzoNobel, Thermax, Hydrite Chemical, The Dow Chemical Company, Carus Corporation, GE Water & Process Technologies, and Lonza Group, among others.

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