Alpha Tec Electrics is a well known Electrical Contractor In West Palm Beach which provides professional commercial & industrial electric services since 1982 in Palm Beach. We specialized in Solar Lighting & systems for homes & commercial buildings to reduce cost and energy usage in the south & central Florida and These systems are good for the planet, for your business and for your family’s budgets. We are State Certified Electrical Contractor and CPAN certified electrical contractor in West Palm Beach and surrounded areas.

Alpha Tec Electric provides best automation system for your home or business in Palm Beach. We are ‘all in one solution’ of customers we provide full service by inspecting your property, preparing an energy use audit, and with installation and maintenance, and our teams of electricians, who have experience and extensive knowledge in specifying Electric Installation, programming, and maintaining the automatic system.

We provide a full range of automatic systems types such as automatic shade controls, fountain and irrigation controls, Gate controllers, Home theaters, Parking Lot Lighting controllers, and much more at competitive prices. If you are looking for professional electricians around West Palm Beach, Alpha Tec Electrics is the best place for you.

We are working hard to become a trustful and reliable source of professional and experienced electrical contractors in West Palm Beach. From us, you can get energy-efficient technology installation and upgrades.

If you are in search of a professional electrical contractor in West Palm Beach, contact us (561) 609-0619.