Chocolak enters into the booming business on the internet for all the chocolate lovers from different countries with a taste of artisan premium chocolates from Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. The online chocolate shop now delivers these delectable treats to the consumer’s doorstep even if they are miles away from the countries of top chocolatiers. Chocolate lovers can now choose a fine varieties of chocolates from the internet and pay it without any hassle.

This chocolate shop platform make its way to be on the top when it comes to serving people with delightful chocolates that are good, healthy and fresh, delivering it straight to their doorsteps. With this excellent service and exquisite products, people are loving the idea of online chocolate shopping through Chocolak and for the best tasting experience of these premium chocolates from all over the world.

The service comes with convenience and fast transaction. Everyone can access Chocolak and taste premium chocolates. Wherever they are, they can go to the online shop on one click and order fine treats for themselves and even for their loved ones.

Here’s how it works:

Once you placed an order, it will be processed at the same time.
For a hassle free delivery, the orders are fulfilled every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday—that is how organized the process is, the Chocolak way.
Your order will be delivered to the country of your choice through DHL.
You can choose the chocolate’s destination from 238 countries through express delivery of DHL where Chocolak teamed up for high-quality service and safety of the treats.

You don’t have to go outside and find the perfect chocolates for you because Chocolak offers products from best chocolatiers. Top vendors such as Legendary, Cacao Crudo, Zaabar, Andes and Gary’s choice are all available at Chocolak—and their chocolates can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Hassle-Free, convenient and feasible wherever you are.

So, experience the awesome taste of artisan premium chocolates at Chocolak, visit their website or call at 1 415 651 7122 for further inquiry.

About Chocolak: Chocolak is an online chocolate shop established in 2017. They offer wide range of products and varieties of premium chocolates such as handmade truffles and pralines that are not available in one’s home country. With delightful treats from artisans and top chocolatiers, no wonder that Chocolak makes it different from the rest of the chocolate shops.