There’s a largely unseen and unknown clash between US-led accreditation organizations like ABAC and Chinese-led groups like the China-led-IAF & ANAB. Daryl Guberman-CEO, of Guberman-PMC has been doing his best to educate on this issue in a series of YouTube videos and they seem to be gaining real traction.

New York, NY, USA, October 1, 2018 — News of the US-China trade war and accelerated foreign policy aggressive measures on both sides have pro-American companies very suspicious of those who choose to work very closely with Chinese-led organizations, businesses, and accreditation groups. Leading the way in educating in this area is the 30-year long experienced quality expert, CEO and founder of Guberman-PMC (, and potential independent political candidate Daryl Guberman ( Guberman recently celebrated in a new YouTube video titled, “American First: China-Led IAF & ANAB Losing Ground To US-Led ABAC (”, where he pulls no punches discussing the issue.

“It’s great to know after all the hard work the team at Guberman-PMC and I have been doing to promote the idea of ‘America First’ when it comes to working with accreditation companies is starting to bear fruit in very big ways,” remarked Guberman. “I feel it my duty as a patriotic American, who also happens to be Jewish, to stand against these ties and alliances being made between American businesses and organizations that hate America, hate Israel, and actually, in some cases, sponsor terrorism.”

Guberman-PMC is affiliated with the pro-American, United States-based, and patriot-ran ABAC. Guberman-PMC are happy to offer a wide range of ISO certifications, including highlights like ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems, IATF 16949 – Automobile Related Products, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems, ISO 13485 – Medical Devices, AS 9100 Rev D – for the Aerospace Industry, GMP 2015 – Good Manufacturing Practices, VOB 9009 – Veteran-Owned Businesses, CWOB 9009 – Woman-Owned Businesses, MOWB 9009 – Minority Owned Small Businesses, ARM 9009 – Firearms and Armoring Systems, CAN 9009 – Medical Cannabis Testing, and KOSH 9009 – Kosher Foods & Processing, to name just a few.

For any ISO needs potential clients are encouraged to reach out to Daryl Guberman and the team to see how they can best meet a business’s needs in an efficient, ethical, and cost-effective way.

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