USA, (October 02 , 2018) – LEDLightExpert, the most trusted and reputed wholesale manufacturers of LED lighting solutions and DLC listed lights based in USA has recently expressed their intensions of expanding their scope of services to a number of prime destinations around the world within the forthcoming years. This move is an inevitable outcome of heavy purchase requests and queries that the company has been receiving over the past couple of years from enthusiastic bulk buyers from the world over.

Currently hailed as an incomparable manufacturer of Tennis court lights, high bay lights, flood lights, shoebox lights and more, LEDLightExpert has set benchmarks in terms of intelligent and high-performance product design that competitors are a long way from catching up with. Topped with extremely competitive pricing, it is only a while before this ground-breaking company becomes a household name at a global scale.

A company that had started out by selling only commercial LED lights like LED Canopy lights, parking lot lights etc, presently hosts an all-inclusive catalogue that is complete with unparalleled solutions for commercial and residential sectors alike. LEDLightExpert also extends insurance on all orders that adds to an extended level of purchase security.

About LEDLightExpert:

LEDLightExpert is a trusted wholesaler manufacturer of LED lighting solutions based in San Diego, CA, USA. The company has risen in popularity for offering the widest variety of heavy-duty LED lights with extended durability at affordable price ranges.

Prospective buyers that wish to learn more about LEDLightExpert in terms of product range, prices, ordering process, delivery, payments and more can visit, for information.

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