ARTS once again underlines its high quality standards and meets all requirements for obtaining aviation-specific certification according to EN 9100:2016.

In hardly any other industry is the idea of safety and quality as pronounced as in aviation, which means that quality management systems are becoming increasingly important in the aviation industry. Certification in accordance with EN 9100:2016 is proof for manufacturers of aircraft, systems and propulsion systems that ARTS meets all required quality requirements and is able to assume full responsibility for projects and processes. The certification is specially designed for aviation and is a recognized quality feature among manufacturers in the industry.

The audit was carried out by the German testing company TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH. The audit focused on the application of a quality management system for process support and quality assurance in product development, manufacturing processes and MRO activities on aircraft. The audit showed that all certification requirements have been met.

ARTS will thus continue to be one of the few companies to be awarded an EN 9100:2016 certificate in the future. “The certificate proves in black and white our claim to highest quality, reliability and process orientation. We will continue to work on the optimization of our processes and services in order to meet the requirements of our customers,” says Christian Rost, Project Manager at ARTS.

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