China, (October 01, 2018) – China, 10 September 2018 – VST, the leading LED light manufacturers based in China, has unveiled its latest range of LED solar camping lights that has literally taken the world of responsible outdoor lovers with awe. This rather fresh debutant in the world of manufacturing high quality LED lighting solutions has gained the global spotlight over the past couple of years for taking relevance and innovation of responsible lighting systems to a whole new level.

LED camping lights from VST has been attributed with a range of features that competing providers may take years to catch up with. Besides easy charging and soft yet brilliant glow, the camping lights are extremely easy to use, install and maintain as well. Bulk buyers of solar camping lights at a global scale have expressed in their reviews that their end customers have been swept off their feet by features like cling-on magnet installation, wide range of power options, heavy duty performance under all weather conditions and more.

Besides maintaining impeccability in product quality, VST has also managed to gain and retain infallible trust of their clients for offering beyond par service excellence. Timely shipping / delivery and addressing queries / grievances within as little as 24 hrs are only a few to mention in this respect.

About VST:

VST is an innovative China based LED light manufacturer that has been in news for introducing innovative and energy efficient lights with extensive scope of applicability. The company currently caters to clients spread through all continents across the world and has gained infallible trust for maintaining product and service quality impeccably.

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