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You know the caveats that the day job’s salary comes with: at end of every hefty working day, all you want is to lay down and decompress. When we think about stress, we generally think about its impact on the mind – you want stress-busters on TV, or maybe indulge in a pastime hobby. But what many of us forget is the fact that all the hurly-burly and physical exertion that a day job necessitates takes its toll our bodies too – we want to relieve our nerves in more than one sense.
So the next time you have the nerve-wracking back pain after a long day’s work, or an ache on your neck that you cannot be bothered to deal with, but you cannot sleep either because it’s in your neck, what you would likely be thinking about in such a scenario is a good back-rub.
How can a Tens Unit help?
Here’s the good news: you can relax your body and get a massage without having to tell anyone. Enter TENS Unit. Now you will ask, what is a TENS Unit? To put it simply, TENS Unit is a medically approved mechanized expert masseur. But it functions in a more technologically advanced way. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The crux of its function is that it sends out electronic stimulating pulses. These pulses ripple throughout your body, and firstly, it terminates the pain signals so that they cannot reach your brain, and secondly, it facilitates the generation of endorphin and enkephalin in your body, which act as a sort of natural painkiller.
Features of an Electronic Pulse Manager
To summarize, here are the features of this miracle of an Electronic Pulse Massager:
• It is FDA approved and recommended by medical professionals across the world.
• It can help you relieve stress as no other device or massager can.
• Its pain relieving capabilities are designed on a clinically approved, scientific basis.
• It has unparalleled ease of access – ready to pick up and use out of the box.
• It is portable, so you can carry it with you and use it anywhere!