How to get the perfect sterling silver necklace for your outfits?here have some tips

The sterling silver necklace( is great for complimenting business outfits. For formal wear, you can double up a 32″ silver necklace.

Here are some more tips to figure out what’s the right length for a silver necklace you want to wear:

For those with broader shoulders choose the longer silver necklaces. The shorter necklaces give you a bunched up look highlighting your broad shoulders while a longer necklace will give you a taller look.
For those with a slim build, heavier sterling silver necklaces with a broader or heavier and solid pendant style are ideal. Always remember that the longer or V-shaped necklaces make you look taller.
For a round face, you need to get a long silver necklace if you are short as well. With an oval or square face, you will need to wear something closer to your throat. Short sterling silver in the choker style is great for those with heart-shaped faces or sharp chins.
When you want to choose silver necklaces to keep the length of your neck also in mind. If you have a larger than average neck, pick a bigger size. For regular sizes, women should wear necklaces of:

Choker length for a 16″ neck, jewelry up to the bone for 18″, silver necklaces some inches below the bone for over 18″, necklaces at the neck for 22″ and below the neck for over 24″.You need to run the measuring tape around your neck for checking the neck size.

The right length of the silver necklaces for women also depends on the pendant they are combining it with. Heavier pendants in solid shapes seem inappropriate with short necklaces as they don’t get highlighted. If you want to wear a choker-length or small-length necklace then combine it with a pearl drop or equally dainty supply many different style sterling silver jewelry,here you will find sterling silver ring,earrings and bracelet.