Couples going through divorce proceedings may seek assistance from the experienced legal professionals at Feldman & Lee PS. The law firm provides counsel on child support and custody, as well as assets division.

[LYNNWOOD, 10/01/2018] — Feldman & Lee PS offers aggressive legal representation for clients going through a divorce. The law firm aims to ensure the fair division of assets between their client and the client’s spouse. Moreover, it fights for the impartial decision on child custody and support.

Ensuring Post-divorce Financial Security

As a community property state, Washington doesn’t follow equitable distribution laws. Under the state’s community property laws, all properties, earnings, and debt are shared between married couples.

Feldman & Lee PS ensures its clients obtain a fair division of both assets and debt accumulated throughout the marriage. The firm also assists its clients in splitting retirement or pension plans through a qualified domestic relations order.

Its lawyers and legal professionals are prepared to aggressively represent their client in both simple and complex property division cases. They are highly experienced in obtaining temporary orders for the use and possession of shared assets during the divorce procedure, as well.

Navigating Complex Child Custody and Support Cases

Feldman & Lee PS provides counsel in cases of child custody and support. The firm’s proficient legal team makes sure its clients’ and their child’s best interests and rights are aligned. The team supports its clients throughout the proceedings, whether they aim to secure custodial rights or receive a generous visitation schedule.

The law office is experienced in navigating post-judgment matters, such as child support, relocation, and custody modifications. The child support attorneys of Feldman & Lee PS thoroughly review their clients’ cases for higher odds of resolving the post-judgment modification in their favor.

About Feldman & Lee PS

Feldman & Lee PS is a trusted full-service law firm based in Washington with hundreds of cases’ worth of experience in protecting its clients’ interests in court. Its diverse teams of legal professionals in Kent, Lynnwood, and Marysville are trained in various legal disciplines to ensure that clients are well-represented. The law firm specializes in criminal, personal injury, divorce and family, and immigration cases.

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