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If you are a woman who likes to wear her hair tied most of the time, you can get some amazing hair clips. There are clips today for all occasions. While simple black, brown or silver ones look stellar on office wear, there are also some dressier ones for special occasions like weddings and formal evening parties. These come in various forms as well. You can get simple, cheap ones made of plastic or wood, with some beautiful patterns and shapes, resembling animals, flowers and cartoon characters. The latter of these are also popular choices for little girls. You can also get some bejewelled clips, which have some very pretty shapes, and are inlaid with precious or semi precious stones. They add a special sparkle to your look, and are now available in all kinds of colours so that they can be made to match almost any kind of outfit.

For Retro looks

If you are a fan of the retro look, you can also go for bridal hair headband( in some whacky and innovative styles. There are different kinds available for various occasions. Women with long and medium length hair could go for bands with some pretty ribbons that could be tied at the nape of the neck. They are very feminine, and give you a charming look.. Women who strictly need these to keep unruly locks off their face can go for metallic, cloth/elastic or plastic bands, in simple styles. These are preferred by sports people as well. You can also choose headbands with a simple and noticeable design in a small corner of the band, which can be used for dressier occasions.

For traditional looks

Flowers have always been the special favourites for women, and all women have a soft spot for them. In the olden days, women of royal families were always seen to sport beautiful flowers in their hair, which gave them a feminine charm and grace. However, these days, we rarely see women use real flowers. The reason is that after a while, they start smelling bad and need to be thrown out. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy their magic anymore. There are some special flowers available, which need not necessarily be real. They are made cleverly from materials like metal, wood, plastic, nylon and crepe, and are styled to look as delicate and lovely as real ones.

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