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KTC India has been operating in the country for more than 70 years. The name KTC stands for Karachi Taxi Company and is one of the most preferred providers of rental vehicles in India. The company is popular for being one of the select few in the nation that has an impressive fleet of luxury vehicles dedicated to serving the needs of clients from all strata of the society. Whether one is looking for means of transport to meet the requirements of a marriage ceremony or to take their employees on a business retreat, KTC India is the one service provider that has a solution for all.
The founder of the company was a visionary who wanted to create a transport service provider that would meet the requirements of clients coming from all segments of the society. The vision of the founder of the company became the creed at KTC India which is still being carried on today. The company was founded back in the year 1943 and soon it became a global brand spreading its wings to neighboring nations that included Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Dubai, Sri lanka and Abu Dhabi. The company is known for their knack to update their infrastructure and their services as per the trends of the global market. It allows them to add new vehicles to their fleet of rental vehicles so that they can continue to provide satisfactory services to their clients.
KTC India has an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles that include the likes of Mercedes, BMW, super luxury cars like Rolls Royce along with luxury vans on hire. The company has its base of operation located in the city of New Delhi, NCR. It operates in the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Due to the high-quality services offered by the company, it became the most sought-after rental service providers for national leaders, international dignitaries, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities and high profile clients.
The company continues to expand its services and its reach in India. Since KTC India believes in continuous growth, they have gone all in and made preparations to expand their operations in foreign countries as well. The company plans to live up to their legacy of providing luxury on wheels by adopting modern technology whenever and wherever possible. They recently started offering luxury van rental services to both small scale and large scale businesses for outstation retreats and training trips.