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United States 29-09-2018. Common Cider is one of America’s leading and independent hard apple cider breweries providing amazing cider flavors to choose from. The founder of Common Cider continues to bring some unique flavors into the cider industry to provide cider lovers with a different experience each time. If you want to taste the best award winning American Ciders then Common Cider is among the best California cider companies.

The ciders that Common Cider produces are made from fermented apples making them refreshing and ideal to be consumed anytime. You can try it while you are relaxing at home, or you can enjoy it on special occasions as well as while having an outing with friends. The good thing about Common Cider is that it features many of the benefits of typical natural fruit juices while having less alcohol content than wine and sparkling wine.

Due to the quality, taste and uniqueness of their products, Common Cider is an award-winning cider company. They have received more than 35 awards and is regularly recognized as being one of California’s best cider providers. If you want to taste Common Cider’s zesty and fruitful ciders, then locate Common Cider at a store near you. Common Ciders are available at many local stores, restaurants and bars across California, so you can easily attend to your need. Common Ciders’s website features a handing “cider locator” so you can easily locate the nearest establishment that carries our ciders:

Common Cider produces 6 different flavors including Blood Orange Tangerine, Hibiscus Saison, Blackberry Sangria, Pineapple Guava, American Apple and Pomme Rose. So, if you really love ciders and are looking for the best California apple cider provider then look no further than Common Cider.

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