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CHW also Chaudhry Hammer Works, began its operations in 1956. Today, it is the go-to stainless steel forging company in South Asia. The company relies on their vast experience and specialized skills to deliver quality products at the right time. As an industry leader in forging, companies dealing with heavy industrial equipment, aerospace, defence, Oil and gas, shipbuilding, mining, infrastructure, nuclear, and power generation all depend on the high-quality products from CHW. The company draws its customer base from all over the world.
The spokesperson of CHW said, “Our business model guides our success. CHW focuses on sustainable production guided by evolving technology for the best products. We are not surprised that we are the leading forging company in South Asia. Since our inception, we have re-invented new strategies that ensure flawless products. We deliver all products within the promised time.”
CHW understands its position as a leading stainless steel forging company. The industries that contact CHW for the metal requires the highest quality steel for maximum productivity. The steel must be of the highest quality and be pure for industries such as energy, defence, transportation, and infrastructure. For the energy and transportation industry, error in the quality of the steel forging can result in fatalities. Attention to detail is essential in creating forgings for the defence and aerospace industries so that their engineers can use the forgings with ease. CHW has a long-lasting, sound and trusted bond with its clients as a result of the provision of high-quality stainless steel forgings. Even though CHW works with competitive and dangerous markets, it has proved its superiority by providing the highest quality products. The company takes time to understand the standards, specific and fine-tuned requirements of steel forgings that guarantee excellence in various industries.
“We stock a wide variety of steel forgings which are used in different industries in the world. We understand that our products must be of the highest quality for them to help the industries yield best results,” added the spokesperson. CHW forging has a commitment to provide quality steel forgings. Most of the products from the company is carefully crafted using the latest technology and the best skill set in the industry. The commitment to quality is not just a sign of distinction but a trademark and a guarantee. One of our stainless steel products are the Blinds. They are used to stopping the opening of a pressure vessel, end of flange pipe or a valve orifice. If you want custom designed stainless steel Blinds, talk to a reliable supplier to plan for it. Another product is the tube sheets which are used in manufacturing pressure valves and heat exchangers. The tubes are available in drilled and machine condition.