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Over the last 15 years, the death number because of colorectal cancer has been dropping. The prime factor in this decrease has nearly been the hiked utilization of colonoscopy in Staten Island as a screening device for the early identification of colorectal cancer.

Triborough GI is a gastroenterology clinic where you will find the industry-best colonoscopy doctors in Brooklyn. They perform colonoscopies in less than 30 minutes only. Doctors utilize them for seeing inside the colon and rectum, basically for detecting problems like abnormal developments, inflamed tissue, and ulcers. Triborough GI’s Colonoscopy doctors in Staten Island also help diagnose fast more serious issues, incorporating precancerous developments, early onset colorectal cancer, abdominal pain, and unexplained changes in daily bowel habits, rectal bleeding, and weight loss.

How Triborough GI’s Doctors Perform a Colonoscopy

1. Examine large intestine

Some patients lie flat on the left side of the examination table, during their colonoscopy. The doctors of Triborough GI utilize a mild sedative to help them relax, and probably give them some pain relief medicine because sometimes, deeper sedation is needed in some situations. All this time, they monitor patients closely to check every sign and make all possible efforts for easing their mental and physical discomforts.

2. Remove polyps and send to the lab for biopsy

Next, the doctors remove every suspicious polyp gradually and send them to the lab for biopsy. They always remove different colon polyps and check whether they are benign or not.

3. Help patients recover easily

If any patient develops any kind of symptoms like weakness, fever, bloody stools, dizziness, or severe rectal or stomach pain, he/she can contact Doctor Grosman at an ease.

Want To Have Your First Colonoscopy?

You must have a routine colonoscopy if you are above 50. Triborough GI ( is a highly recommended gastroenterology clinic where you can have the first successful colonoscopy on Staten Island.

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