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Peek-a-Bunny: An Easter Tradition is a new Easter book/bunny set that kids are falling in love with across the country.

Plainville, MA, September 28, 2018 — Massachusetts Momtrepreneur starts new Easter Tradition. Peek-a-Bunny: An Easter Tradition ​ was published in 2017. This book is a charming tale of the Easter Bunny’s newest helpers the Baby Bunnies. The book comes equipped with either a boy or girl bunny that will play Peek-a-Bunny with the children in the weeks leading up to Easter to remind them that Easter is on the way.

A ​ Kickstarter​ campaign was recently started to help spread the word about Peek-a-Bunny! Although the book has only been out on the shelves for one Easter Season, this book/bunny combo has had an aggressive launch with a spot next to the Easter Bunny at 50 different malls throughout the country!

Last fall, Kristin was eating breakfast with her family when her five year old started asking about when the famous “Elf” was going to arrive. “I remember thinking; I wish ​ the Elf ​ would stay all year round because it makes waking up with little ones so much fun.”

From there the Easter idea was born and the first draft was written later that week. Once the book was complete she reached out to high school classmate, Wayne Stokes, who has a graphic design background to help with the illustrations. Wayne was quick to sign up for the job and the rest just fell into place. “My hope is that this tradition catches on and families will enjoy playing ​ Peek-a-Bunny​ with their children as much as we do.”

Kristin started K McCabe Publishing to self-publish her book. Kristin and her husband Mike live in Plainville with their six year old daughter Mackenzie and three year old son Cameron. Both children enjoy reading ​ Peek-a-Bunny: An Easter Tradition ​ and have been the biggest supporters of the endeavor so far! To learn more about this book please contact: K McCabe Publishing,

Kickstarter Campaign:

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