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A global network for shipbuilding and plant industries Kwang Woon is Korea representative global shipbuilding and Plant Company that constructs Ship Accommodation, Outfitting and Shipbuilding reconstruction to industrial plant using the company’s rich and diverse experiences accumulated over the last 30 years.
We, Kwang Woon are actively exporting our products to 11 Asian countries, including Japan, China, Indonesia, and Taiwan; 6 countries in the Americas, including the United States, Canada and Brazil; and 4 European countries, including Russia, Italy and Turkey. We produce these products based on advanced know-how taken from our development of diverse products.
In addition we supply and install facilities necessary for industrial plants, namely asphalt, batching and crushing plants and we do our best to develop more diverse technologies and create more diverse experiences.
Korean Shipbuilding Industry


Honesty is the backbone of trust.
Create an organizational culture of mutual respect with mutual confidence and credit.


Seek voluntary dedication to customer convenience and satisfaction.

2013Obtained MED, Produced Pipe support
2012Produced A0,A60 Door, develop and deliver a window for WIG craft
2011Produced ACU, AHU Door(Nuclear Plant)
2010Move to Head Office & Main Factory in Haman, WPS(ABS)

2009Selected the Busan Leading Company
2007Join Busan Shipbuilding Machinery and Equipment Industry Cooperative Association
Obtained Certificate for A60, A0 Window(DNV,ABS,NK,KR,LR)
2006Obtained Welding Procedure Specification
2005Obtained ISO9001 system(DNV)
2004Incorporated Kwangwoon Co.,ltd

1997Exoanded to 2nd Factory in Busan
1994Obtained Certificate for side scuttle
1993Succeeded to manufacture C.V.S

1989Founded Kwangwoon Company

Basic System
As Kwangwoon Co., Ltd reaps, we will solidify our leadership position in the relevant field, and will promote Kwangwoon Co. Ltd’s ability and status in the global era. Just as Kwangwoon Co., Ltd has served as a bridgehead for the Korean shipbuilding industry to advance into the global market, we now want to announce the start of its advance beyond the domestic market. Kwangwoon Co. Ltd’s newly established CI represents a leap forward to become the world’s # 1 company based on the maritime industry. Ship window wiper manufacturer Korea