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September, 2018: You may have realized already that a dog gate can be very helpful for you especially when you want to restrict your dog from accessing certain areas of your house like the kitchen or your baby’s bedroom. So in order to restrict your pet from doing mesh, dog gates for doorways provide an effective and safe solution. Imusicat Trade Ltd. brings to you the easiest and most discrete way to protect pets all around the house by introducing imusicat Baby Dog Gates Extra Wide on

This amazing extra wide baby gate keeps your doggie stay where you want. This retractable baby gate, not only restrict your pet from entering but also give an elegant look to the house. imusicat magic gate for dogs can be installed anywhere for doorways, stairs, kitchen, stairway, indoor and outdoor patio garden play yard.

It creates a private barrier space for your baby, child, toddlers, kids, infant or your kitten. It is recommended for small pets and it can be moved from one place to another in the house. This baby gates for stairs can be easily installed by sticking the hook on both sides of the stair case or of the door, completely assembled for immediate use.

It is made up of tough, partially transparent, woven mesh fabric to withstand abuse from small animal. Each foldable set includes one fabric woven net, two stretchable metal poles, four sticky hooks and two paper clips. This magic gate for dogs comes with 30-day money back guarantee and 6 months warranty.

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Imusicat baby dog gates is the easiest and most discrete way to protect pets all around the house. For more information and to order this product visit

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