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Warehouse automation has become the alarming signal for the industries desirous of seeking prosperity. With the rising demands from the industrial sectors for an efficient warehouse automation system, we have many manufacturers stepping in today for the same. The growing insurgency of the warehouse automation service providers provides the industries with a comparative analysis of the efficiency of different warehouse automation products.

Grey Orange is one such supply chain automation company with a firm stand in the industrial market. The efficiency of the entire Grey Orange team reflects their dedicated efforts to serve their client industries at their best. After years of struggle, GreyOrange stands in a position where it clinches in overwhelming appreciation from is existing customers.

It is the business ethics and working environment of GreyOrange that excites the nerves of their employees to perform their best each time. Robotic warehouse automation is the critical service of Grey Orange. Today, Grey Orange serves their clients from logistics, automobile and supply chain sectors with a high-tech and thoroughly efficient warehouse automation services.

Robotic goods-to-person technology drives warehouse automation. It is designed to rule out the hustles involved in warehouse processes. Warehouse automation plays a crucial role in optimizing the entire warehouse workflow. Robotic goods-to-person technology is the novice feature introduced by GreyOrange.

Autonomous mobile robots are an indispensable part of robotic warehouse automation. The automated robots are engineered to operate as per the centrally installed inventory software. It is this software that governs the autonomous mobile robots to move in synchronization. With the automatic synchronization feature, the efficiency of the modern automated warehouse’s increases. In turn, the warehouses increase its overall productivity. The improved productivity results in real-time order fulfilment. As a result of real-time order fulfilment, the consumers receive their products on time. Hence, the industries can remain loyal and customer-centric in their overall approach.

The second part of the robotic warehouse automation is the warehouse sorting system. The warehouse sorting system has parcel sorters and linear sorters as their functioning arms. On the one hand, where the autonomous mobile robots work dedicated towards efficient pick and storage facility; on the other hand, the warehouse sorting system offers unmatched throughputs. They are the soul of package handling processes of the warehouses. Grey Orange warehouse sorting systems consists of the parcel and linear sorters. These parcel and linear sorters accomplish order profiling, routing and consolidation processes with ease and fluency.

The parcel and linear sorters from GreyOrange are meant to reduce the manual product sorting costs and effectuate the warehouse sorting. They share equal contributions when it comes to satisfying the customers. Like the autonomous mobile robots, these sorting systems are also driven by a centrally installed inventory software which vouches on its streamlining. It further reduces the discrepancies that arise in shipping costs. Warehouse sorting systems manufactured at Grey Orange requires lower time for its integration with the existing warehouse systems.
Since its emergence, GreyOrange is a brand that is trusted for quality assured products. All their robotic warehouse automation products possess great durability. These devices are crafted to sustain long hours of warehouse working. Every product of warehouse execution software that reaches the market from the production unit of GreyOrange undergoes a rigorous quality assurance check. This quality assurance is a stringent measure to ensure that only quality products reach the client warehouses.

Thus, robotic warehouse automation services provided by Grey Orange involves robotic goods-to-person technology driven robots and sorters.
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