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China, (September 23, 2018) – Hundreds of cities around the world are switching to solar street lights for reasons undeniable. Everything from reducing carbon foot print to putting a plug on overconsumption of electricity, these lights are in fact, an urgent necessity in this century than a choice.

Catering to this rising demand with solar street light solutions of exceptionally high quality is VST, a ground-breaking LED lights manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, China. Barely 5 years old, this company has already won global appreciation with hundreds of loyal clients for introducing intelligent solar powered street lights that beat existing counterparts in terms of features as well as cost effectiveness.

This practically all in one solution integrates LED lights, solar panels, LiFePO4 battery and PIR motion sensors into one single unit. This allows these lights to charge and retain power easily, reduce and increase brightness by sensing vehicles within 12m radius, automatic switch off on sunrise and unhindered performance in all weather conditions.

Topped with low maintenance, high durability and easy installation, solar street lights from VST is currently has been named as the ultimate solution to eco friendly and responsible lighting. Besides street lights, LED camping lights, flood lights, searchlights, flash lights, desk lamps etc are some of the most popular products launched by VST that is in very high demand the world over.

About VST

VST is a revolutionary LED lights manufacturing company that has gained global fame for maintaining impeccable product quality and service excellence. This 5-year-old company is based in Shenzhen, China and caters to clients the world over. LED tube lights, fluorescent fixtures, highway fixtures and flood lights are a few popular products to mention.

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