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This is the CEO of YUHANHITEC, Han JOO-HYUN.Since our establishment in 1983, the main line of our products has been press molding processing, and we have also been manufacturing various products such as automobile parts, car audio products, Car Air Curtain Manufacturer, PC cases, and air curtains. We have invested many funds in implementing modern manufacturing facilities and R&D.YUHANHITEC is presently equipped with facilities that can quickly respond to customers’ needs from the phase of design/development phase to production. Dreaming of our second leap, YUHANHITEC will share our special know-how with our many partners so that we can provide perfect quality, competitive costs, and speedy information to achieve customer satisfactions. We promise you that YUHANHITEC will become a role model and the most successful partner that can communicate with our partners and surprise our customers with unsurpassed quality.
Product feature
Design: It is designed to give an interior effect rather than a machine by adding design to the air curtain of the existing crude shape, due to the exquisite harmony of curve and straight line.
Realizing the wind speed by one-motor cross FAN, which could be realized by using the existing 2 motor Shikoro FAN, the price of the product is competitive with Chinese products, but the quality and performance are far ahead. Air Curtain Distributor Korea
While the weight of the existing air curtain is mid 10kg due to the weight of motor and chassis (based on size 900), the weight of the product is 2/3 of the air curtains of other companies by manufacturing the chassis with ultra-lightweight special aluminum (9.2kg based on size 900), however the performance is higher. In addition, the lightweight makes product installation easier. Industrial Air Curtain Distributor
The structure of simple design makes maintenance and repair even easier.
Using the motor developed focusing on energy saving at the development of the motor, power consumption is 175W (based on size 900) on the basis of wind speed ‘High’. You can get the higher effect with only half power consumption of other companies’ air curtain of the same specification.