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As a leading software testing company, TestOrigen is successfully providing the unparalleled and customized solutions to the well-known UK based eCommerce business of luxury retail chains which operates boutiques and warehouse stores.

Utilizing the ability, inventiveness, professionalism, and expertise of our testing team, we delivered usability testing, compatibility, exploratory, test automation and functional testing services for their web and mobile applications of eCommerce platforms.

Our testers strategized the test implementation utilizing qualitative tools and performed software testing by finding test scenarios utilizing different frameworks.

Setting up an eCommerce business is a complicated procedure and subject to many market particular factors. To keep up the integrity of the eCommerce business, testing ends up mandatory.

Thus, our eCommerce solutions help in the anticipation of bugs and increase the value of the product by guaranteeing conformity to customer needs.

TestOrigen will be working on applications over all the functional regions like Order management system, Catalog management system, lookbook, services booking, Product Inventory Management, ERP System, and Shipping system. The customer required a partner with pro skills in e-commerce website testing to empower a real user experience by rolling out a high-quality product.

As a part of the commitment, we will work to characterize the whole functional testing and test automation roadmap for the in-scope apps. TestOrigen will use its best-updated automation testing and manual testing tools required for their e-commerce websites testing.

We will outline the automation solutions relying on its in-house test automation system using our open source tools like Selenium and Appium. TestOrigen anticipates offering extraordinary value to the customer with its ability and accelerators.

So, “hire our professional, eCommerce testers and amplify your site and mobile application performance.”