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Brampton, Ontario, September 18, 2018 — Plastform, an Ontario based business, has decided to offer a wide collection of custom kitchen countertops and cabinets in a variety of colours. A great variety of cabinets and countertop models is available on their site. Also, the business is showcasing cabinets in a variety of collections and profiles. Apart from offering cabinets in an assortment of collections and profiles, the business has put a range of countertop models on display. The products are presented in multiple colours, shapes and designs.

When selecting a particular collection of cabinets on the site, product profiles in ascending order gets listed. All profiles can be viewed by scrolling through the page. Also, each profile displays the information about the particular product. The information includes measurements, product images, colour, available door styles and profile line drawing. Similarly, after selecting a specific countertop model, product image along with specifications are presented. Thus, complete information of the desired product(s), from design to specifications, can be viewed prior to placing the order. Also, there is no difficulty while navigating through the site and switching to different collections, models and tabs being presented on the site.

Aside from offering a great collection of several countertops, cabinetry and door styles, the business also supplies sinks, faucets, handles and additional accessories. The aspiration of the business is to become a one stop shop for kitchen design, renovation and accessories. Furthermore, the sample assortment can be directly viewed by simply visiting their awesome and dashing showroom. The business has a dedicated personnel and installers who’re helpful to the customers. The personnel ensure that the customers have a nice and pleasant shopping experience. Homeowners, contractors or anyone who’s looking for laminate countertops and kitchen cabinets in Brampton can check out the desired products by simply visiting the showroom.

Furthermore, their top in the market suppliers facilitate them in providing their customers with the top quality products in a variety of colours, styles and designs. Also, the business offers the top quality products at reasonable prices. The business is committed to providing their customers with excellent customer service, outstanding quality, prompt delivery and effective installation of the products being offered.

About the company
Plastform is a family-owned and operated business in Brampton, Ontario. The business offers top quality products at affordable prices. Also, the business is adept in the design and installation of laminate countertops in kitchens. Moreover, the business offers the facility of arranging a free in-home design consultation.

Plastform Countertops
Brampton, Ontario
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