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Pierre J. Augé’s Base Dergyl is a formula designed with the most effective molecules and active ingredients to complement and balance the epidermis’ structure, adapting to the chemistry of each particular skin to restore its natural functions.
The ingredients on each of its lines are recognized by scientist to hydrate and regenerate your skin while maintaining its integrity and the products natural qualities.

Today, we are talking about the Men Antipollution Line!

As you probably know, men and women have different skin metabolisms. Though this difference is often overlooked, Pier Augé has created a unique line to adjust to men’s skin structures specifically.

Gentle Scrub Cleansing Gel

Controls the respiration of the skin while it deeply cleans it and exfoliates it. Dead cells and impurities are removed, leaving a clear and moisturized sensation on your skin.

Relaxing Treatment Mask

Apply this mask once a week and leave it on for 10 minutes. You´ll notice it´s protective active ingredients restructuring your skin in seconds, and it will improve its elasticity, moisture, and softness immediately.

Eye Contour Gel

If your eyes look tired and swollen, this is the perfect treatment for you. This anti-tiredness moisturizer will smooth and firm the bags under your eyes, giving them a younger look while it purifies the skin.

After Shave Balm

Everyone needs one of these right after shaving. With a powerful mixture of Vitamins and vegetable oils, your skin will be soothed and protected all day.

Hyper Moisturizing Treatment

Its name says it all. Apply this cream every day and night to moisturize your skin and add anti-aging ingredients to your skin. It promotes cellular respiration and makes your skin more resistant against external pollutants.

Let us know if you have any doubts about which of these treatments to get. Also, please don’t forget to ask for help if you need placing an order with us 😉

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