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You can often purchase birthstone pieces of jewellery but they can be quite cheap and tacky looking. I would recommend purchasing the birthstone from a reliable jeweller and you should get a good quality stone along with the surround of either gold or silver. I would recommend purchasing the stone in either earring, a necklace or rings. Don’t forget when purchasing a ring you need to know the persons ring size which can be a little difficult. You can also purchase a brooch, nose stud or bracelet with the stone.
Birthstone earrings( make for a special present for any special occasion. Earrings and other jewelry are common gift items but to attach a birthstone to it gives symbolic weight to the jewels. Each gemstone is believed to draw a specific set of charms to the wearer.

Associating gemstones with powers is a practice that dates back to before 1300 B.C – as steeped in lore and legends. Gems have been revered even long before this because of their exquisiteness and rarity; each kind was appropriated different sets of mystic properties. The history of gems and its mystical value has been so long running that the original attributes appointed to each gem has become diversified and different across cultures. As an example, there is a difference in the special powers and months associated with gems in the traditional list from Poland, and in the modern set used in America.

Wearing of birthstones is thought to have started in Poland in the 15th century. Because the powers of gems were associated to months, moneyed Europeans of past times wore totally different gems for every corresponding month. it absolutely was within the eighteenth century that individuals began to wear gemstones as birthstones or lucky charms for his or her birth month.collection fashion birthstone jewelry on,here have birthstone necklace(,birthstone bracelet and birthstone earrings.