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September, 16th.-Hongkong Document Storage, since its establishment in 1997, is a company dedicated to providing domestic storage services with the mission of freeing spaces in local homes. Over time, they have become the professional source manager of at least 2 million cubic feet covering all major areas of Hong Kong.
Providing a reliable service, with professional experience and providing excellent management in terms of storage services, Hongkong Storage strives to provide the best and most reliable platform to meet the needs of domestic and commercial customers. They can all find much more about the work they do through their web space.

As we live in a globalized and constantly evolving world, the Hongkong Storage Company has reinvented itself to constantly improve and update its services since for them “Customer orientation and the search for perfection” are the genesis to provide the best service and to be able to face the corporate development.

With more than 21 years rooted in the local soil, Hongkong Storage maintains an institutional philosophy that goes from “taking and giving to society” constantly looking for perfection and total satisfaction in its storage management; likewise, it has invested in the construction of a human capital that guarantees its permanence in the market and improves the logistics systems, internal control, logistic efficiency, in order to achieve a balance between efficiency, profitability and permanence. In the same way, they remain in constant investigation to examine and manage new service standards.

Since 2004, Hongkong Storage has received the Caring Company logo from the Social Services Council of Hong Kong for its firm commitment to corporate social responsibility since it is not only the pioneer in domestic storage services but also involved actively in community and charitable services offering a helping hand to the most needy and in this way contribute to a harmonious society forged with joint efforts.

Hongkong Storage is a company oriented to people who contribute to the community in order to demonstrate their clear commitment to people and to point out that they are a company that tries to take care of the future environment of Hong Kong since they comply with social responsibility policies and they execute concepts of environmental protection during their work days. On the other hand, the company develops motivation plans to encourage its staff to participate proactively in social services to help those in need.for more information please visit