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According to the Master Plan Delhi 2022, the government has planned a system that will allow all in the capital city of the nation to get home to ensure safety and security.

Delhi, September 20, 2018 :

One of man’s primary needs is a house to stay in. A shelter has been a primary motive since the beginning of civilization. No one can imagine life without secure housing to protect them from bad weather and other poor conditions.

With this in mind, the Delhi Government had taken a practical step by developing the Land Pooling Policy Delhi. This policy takes into account the impending needs and demands of the people. This plan assures a house over everyone’s roof. To make this policy turn into a reality, the Revanta Multi – State Cooperative Group had presented a brilliant and unique plan that ensures house to over 360 families through a fair process of lucky draw.

This plan presents a smart and luxurious housing system at affordable rates. Luxury does not have to be expensive anymore! The Delhi Land Pooling Policy aims at providing sustainable housing to people all over Delhi so that they feel less threatened and more at peace. The scheme alternatively, also encourages women as the policy strongly upholds them. 33% reserved category for women ensures that women get equitable distribution in the number of houses out there.

For a booking of ₹ 21,000, you can choose to book a house of various sizes. The options are really varied, and you can select the optimum size account to your needs and desires. There is no need to feel threatened as this opportunity is really genuine and it ensures that your money is not in wrong hands.

Besides this, the Master Plan 2022 aims at creating such smart features in the capital city that will actually and truly set it apart and uphold our economic prosperity. With a vision of advanced healthcare, roads, sanitation, educational institutions, and other such civic amenities, Delhi is seriously up for a ride.

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