Atlanta Employment Litigation Attorney Educates On Wrongful Termination

Atlanta, Georgia (webnewswire) September 20, 2018 – An Atlanta employment litigation attorney at KPPB law recently published a blog that educates readers about the statute of limitations for wrongful termination cases. Wrongful termination may be an unfortunate outcome of partnership and shareholder disputes, and an employment attorney can help determine the best course of action in such instances.

Most employees are “at-will” workers, meaning that they can be fired for nearly any reason. However, employers cannot fire people for any reason that violates the employee’s contract or rights. For example, you cannot be fired for reporting illegal activity, in retaliation for an action, being of a particular race, religion, or gender, or for being pregnant or disabled. An employer who fires a worker after the worker becomes ill and unable to stand for long periods of time instead of helping adapt to the employee’s new needs, for instance, may be guilty of wrongful termination.

Wrongfully-terminated employees can be entitled to back pay, reinstatement, compensatory damages, and more. However, employees have a limited amount of time to file a wrongful termination claim after they are fired. The length of this period of time, known as a statute of limitations, depends on the state in which the person was employed and the nature of the incident. It is therefore important to address potential wrongful termination claims as quickly as possible. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, inquire about the reasons for your termination and request to review your personnel file, then confirm any agreements related to your termination in writing. These documents and questions can all provide you with information that can help your case if you have in fact been wrongfully terminated.

Speak with a labor and employment attorney for more information about your case if you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated. The attorneys at KPPB Law have years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of employment-related legal disputes, including wrongful termination. The firm can be contacted at 678-443-2244 or online KPPB Law is headquartered at One Lakeside Commons Suite 800, 990 Hammond Drive, Atlanta, GA 30328, with additional offices in Virginia, Texas, and New York.