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Newport Beach, California, September 18, 2018, Electric Bike Company — has announced the best electric bikes for the market. Even the #1 Electric Bike Reviewer in the world has awarded this brand as the Top Rated Cruiser in USA. And there are some good reasons behind it!

The features assigned for the electric bikes are what making them the best ones in this business. Having such a bike can help you meet your daily transportation needs in the best possible manner. If you are among those who offer a great importance to safety, reliability and comfort, then this electric bike is what the doctor has exactly ordered for you! So, before
you invest with it, let’s have a look at the features of such electric bike.
It comes with the hydro-framed frames that is made from 6061 aluminum which is the probably the highest grade aluminum. This frame has made the bike lightweight and durable on the use. Before, this frame is used for the assembly purpose; it goes through seven steps treatment process as well as the heat treatment process which makes its more durable and strong. These frames are constructed in such a manner that they can hide the wiring to ensure a neat look for the bike. This adds a more classic look for the overall structure of the bike.

The front bracket assigned for it is a patent-pending and strong one and this allows the easy handling of the cargo as well as the basket assembly. It also makes the function of the handlebar secure enough. There is also a strong back-rack that brings enough support for the cargo loads and battery.
Most of these frames come with a thickness of 1.5mm but we have doubled this dimension at most of the areas to make it 3mm. this enhances the overall sturdiness of the electric bike. We also offer a ten year full warranty on every electric bike we announce for the market.

In order to make this electric bike highly functional and reliable enough on the go, only the best motors are used. These motors come with high quality copper windings and neodymium magnets. When needed, the 26amp controller along with a 48V battery can deliver 1200 watts to the motor. This is exactly needed when you are out there for hill climbing or you need more acceleration. Even when the overall load for the electric bike is around 300 pounds, this motor can work in the most efficient manner.

For our electric bikes we only use the 17.4ah and 11.6ah batteries that are tested, certified as well as internationally approved. We only use the Panasonic and Samsung cells for enhanced life cycle, reliability and safety. The internal charge is a patent-pending one and it comes with the retractable cord. This feature allows you to stay worry free in case you have missed to bring the charger. In order to keep the battery cool and to improve its performance, an in-built fan is also assigned for the whole setting.