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3D printing technology has already harbored quite a many exciting changes in various sectors all over the world. One of the breakthroughs that the technology is pioneering is in the area of energy harvesting. Efforts to leverage the vast potential of the additive manufacturing technology underlie the search for renewable energies, notably solar power. Against this background, 3D printed solar energy tree is being pitted as the new technology marvel in the prototype for renewable energy harvesting. This is akin to an artificial tree where each of the branches assumes the role of separate organic solar cells which act as separate power converter. The structures that form trunks of the solar tree are 3D printed using byproducts of real trees, specifically wood-based biocomposites.

The cells are key to the harvesting of electricity which is equipped with the potential to generate energy from numerous sources, apart from solar, such as wind and temperature changes. The energy generated is modest enough to power cell phones or similar devices such as LED bulbs and home appliances with small energy needs. The trunks and cells are mass produced using 3D and can be replicated without any limit to scale the energy harvesting technology according to the need.

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Developed Regions Notably Lucrative for Uptake

On the regional front, Europe is likely to be a potentially lucrative market for 3D printed solar energy trees. With concept of solar forests having taken off in the region, the demand for more sustainable solar energy panel technologies for energy harvesting received a robust boost. Add to this, the stringent implementation of using non-renewable energy sources to power vehicles and provide lighting in the transpiration sector. This is increasingly propelling the demand for 3d printed solar energy trees across the region.

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Key manufacturers of 3D printed solar energy trees include SolarBotanic, Envision Solar International, Inc., Solar Impulse Industry Co. Ltd, Creative Smart Innovations, and Spotlight Solar.