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Functional emulsifier blends are a mixture of substances that are used for emulsification by using different materials having specific or combination of functions. Oil and water based emulsion are most popular forms of functional emulsifier blends. Ice-cream industry uses functional emulsifier blends formulated by specialized firms are purchased from primary suppliers.

North America is expected to dominate the functional emulsifier blends market due to the concentration of major food production centers. The primary food ingredients suppliers like ADM and Cargill have their significant operations in North America which are involved in emulsifier and the functional emulsifier blends production. Improved private investments in food processing in emerging countries in the APAC region will result in the fastest increase of food ingredients including functional emulsifier blends market.

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Functional Emulsifier Blends Market: Reasons for Covering this Title

A rise in food safety issues across the world is driving higher demand for functional emulsifier blends as it retaining the full quality and holding the fat content in food products. The overall rise in demand across various industries has resulted in a rise in demand for functional emulsifier blends. Optimum handling and mixing conditions are explicitly required in bakery products while using the functional emulsifier blends for attaining higher efficiency in the process. Functional emulsifier blends have become popular as most of the emulsifiers are used in combinations only. The other benefits of functional emulsifier blends include the production of required hydrophile-lipophile balance in emulsifier and improve the feel of the products. Major players in the functional emulsifier blends market have increased their investments in R&D to develop quality products complying with food safety regulations. Innovations in ingredient for functional emulsifier blends formulation, availability of various forms of functional emulsifier blends is boosting functional emulsifier blends market growth.

The complex nature of foods is posing challenges in functional emulsifier blends processing could be a limiting factor for the functional emulsifier blends market growth. GMO based functional emulsifier blends are not acceptable in few countries.

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Opportunities for Market Participants

The functional emulsifier blends market is projected to be positively influenced by increase in adoption in industries like bakery and confectionery. Growing traction for processed foods and rise in health awareness is also supporting functional emulsifier blends market growth. Multifunctional properties of functional emulsifier blends, innovations in functional emulsifier blends processing has enabled the functional emulsifiers to cater various needs of consumers. A number of criteria are essential and must be met for the formulation of the well-formulated functional emulsifier blends.