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All those cycle riders who love to travel places along with their bike either for participating in different cycling competitions or for a joy ride often look out for the best bike bags to transport their bike intact to the destination. Though there are different bike bag manufacturers in the market none of them are a competition for Bike box Alan. This is because the Alan brand is launched by a biker himself who has been a lifelong cyclist with an international track and road career and has also faced lot of difficulties to transport his bike to different places across the world in good condition. Knowing what a biker would look for in a bike box, Alan has come up with manufacturing the best bike bags in the world that are compact, sturdy and fits all types of bikes in the bike box without any problem. The mountain bike travel bag from Bike box Alan is the best as it comes in the perfect dimensions and clever geometry to fit your bike intact. Though most bike boxes in the market don’t fit in the mountain bike the Bike box Alan comes with the largest internal dimensions that can fit any bike and yet compact and light weight so that you can transfer them even on the small cars to and from the airport without any problem.

The mountain bike bag suppliers Bike box Alan offers a range of bike boxes for the customers to choose like Premium, Azure, Stealth sport, GPRS tracking etc that comes with the best features to fit in any bikes without any problem. The bike boxes come with 15 cushioned Velcro straps and a unique one piece anti crush pole that keeps all the bike parts safe and secure inside the box. You can go through the instructions on how to pack your bike in the box which hardly takes 10 minutes to get the job done. Moreover, the Bike box Alan suppliers offer the best warranty in the industry of 7 years that cannot be matched by any other competitor. They also bring up the bike boxes within the weight limits for the carriers so that you need not have to pay any penalties for excess weight. You can also customise the Alan bike boxes with your preferred graphics like your name, flag, country etc in attractive colours. You can also be rest assured about the best price for the quality product when you buy from Alan bike box.

Bikeboxalan is one of leading mountain bike travel bag suppliers in the UK. We are providing high quality bags they can match your needs effectively and efficiently. All our bags are handmade and gives you a long lasting experience. You can find more info on our website, just visit at

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