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Broadband network gateway (BNG) is the access point for subscribers, through which they connect to the broadband network. The broadband network gateway is a subscriber management system which provides the means by which wireline subscribers connect to broadband services. This subscriber management system is set up either by an internet service provider (wholesale services) or the wireline broadband network operator (retail services). The broadband network gateway system establishes secure subscriber sessions between the customer premise equipment (CPE) and the broadband services. The purpose of the broadband network gateway system is to enable the BNG router to interact with peripheral devices and servers, to provide broadband connectivity to subscribers and manage subscriber sessions.

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The rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is the major driver for the global broadband network gateway market. Broadband network gateway (BNG) manages subscribers which includes session and circuit aggregation. It provides IP services to subscribers and performs authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA). The broadband network gateway acts as a router as well as effectively communicates with the authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) server and consequently performs session management and billing functions. Moreover, the service provider can provide more customized broadband packages for its subscribers as the broadband network gateway identifies the different needs of each customer. These factors are expected to boost the demand for broadband network gateway (BNG) during the forest period. However, the complex structure and high cost of operation hampers the broadband network gateway market growth.

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The global broadband network gateway market can be categorized based on component, deployment, technology, interface, service type, connection type, and geography. Based on component, the broadband network gateway market can be classified as software, hardware, and services. The software segment is further classified into standalone and suite. The hardware segment is categorized into satellite network virtualization (NV), switch processors, display, sensor, RFID, routers, and others (network connecting devices, PCs). The service segment can be classified into professional services and managed services.

Managed service can be further segmented into consulting & planning, integration & implementation, operation & maintenance. The broadband network gateway market can be segregated based on deployment into cloud and on-premise. In terms of technology, the global broadband network gateway market can be divided into bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, NFC, Zigbee, and others. In terms of interface, the broadband network gateway market can be classified into mobile, television, laptop and personal computers. On the basis of service type, the broadband network gateway market can be segregated into wireline broadband network operator (retail services) and internet service provider (wholesale services). In terms of connection type, the broadband network gateway market can be classified into wired and wireless network.