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Say goodbye to rental property management headaches. As the undisputed leader in property management in several Colorado cities, Bergan & Company makes rental ownership easier and hassle-free.

[CENTENNIAL, 09/18/2018] – After the recession affected the U.S. housing market, the number of renters spiked in a lot of big cities. In 2016, Colorado Springs had a 42.5 percent rentership rate, up 6.9 percent from ten years prior. Meanwhile, in the same year, half of the Denver population was renters, a 5.6 percent increase from 2006.

With rentership on the rise, rental property managers may be having a hard time doing their jobs. This is where Bergan & Company comes in. With almost 50 years of experience in property management, the company helps rental property owners and managers make their rentals thrive.

Why Trust Bergan & Company?

Bergan & Company offers services like home preparation, tenant screening, maintenance, rent collection, and even respectful evictions. The company also provides leasing services that help property owners find qualified tenants. What’s more, people interested in renting their homes may get a free rental review and assessment.

Another problem that rental property owners may face is financing. Rental properties are investments, and investors need to conduct a thorough analysis to make sure the rental income will be more than enough for regular monthly expenses.

With Bergan & Company, rental property owners can be free from the stress of financial obligations. The company guides property owners in making wise investment decisions, using market data and trends to reduce risk and generate the highest possible return on a property owner’s investment.

By choosing Bergan & Company’s property management services, rental property owners are taking the first step towards financial security.

About Bergan & Company

Founded in 1961, Bergan & Company is a family-run business that grew to be the leading property management company in Denver, Colorado. Through real estate investments, the company helps property owners achieve a high return on investment and, therefore, financial independence.

Get to know more at or by contacting them at 303-694-5116.