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September 12, New Delhi: What does one want while looking for a wireless tour guide system- sound clarity, high range and ease to use. And you get all these three and much more with Translation India’s world class tour guide system equipment rentals.

As a matter of fact, Translation India’s tour guide microphone and headsets system are considered among the best in the country. With crystal clear sound clarity and long distance range, Translation India’s tour guide system is one of the most requested items on the list.

The company offers a large variety of wireless tour guide system including:

One way tour guide system- Suitable for delegating tasks and passing on instructions as well as conducting corporate and product tours for visiting delegates.

Two way tour guide system: Suitable for communicating back and forth between employees, visiting delegates and more in a noisy factory.
Seinheiser wireless tour guide system: Suitable for communicating with multiple people through headsets and single microphone with superior sound quality.

The tour guide systems are designed specifically for meetings noisy factories, plan sites as well as construction sites. Translation India’s hi-tech tour guide communication system offer highly advanced sound quality with zero resonance and zero sound interference from outside.

They are super easy to use and can be easily carried from one place to another with a high distance range of up to 300 meters.

Additionally, the company also offers pocket wireless audio guide books rentals as well. They come with a huge space, 12 language interfaces and up to 999 pre-recordings. It is suitable for product tours or company tours.

Translation India’s wireless audio guide books come as a handy and affordable option to companies including tours & travel companies at large.

Translation India is one of the leading companies in the business of providing high quality interpretation & language translation equipment rentals to its clients at affordable rates pan India the company is known for organizing various prestigious projects in the past. Some of them include:

• Annual Meeting of African Development Bank requiring Simultaneous Interpretation across 11 locations for over 2000 delegates for 5 days.
• PM’s Independence Day speech since past 5 years with Interpretation services for International delegates.
• Herbalife Extravaganza-Provided Regional language interpretation for 15000 delegates, 9 languages simultaneously for 3 days.
• Amazon Web Services-Silent conference with 7 Parallel break out session under one roof for 2000 delegates.
• BRICS Summit 2016- Provided Interpretation services and Professional Interpreters for the head of states and 1000 delegates across multiple venues in GOA.
• PRAVASI BHARAT DIVAS- 3 day mega event for 5000 delegates and multichannel language transmission.

With its hi-tech range of wireless tour guide systems and audio guide books, Translation India has revolutions the way industry communicates with each other.

And looking at the high demands for company’s tour guide system complete with microphones and headsets, Translation India is going to stay here for longer because can’t see any other who can challenge its number one position in the industry!