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Noted international writers & jurists Dr. Adish C Aggarwala and Ms.Sarah J Marchington have dedicated their 672 paged coffee table book weighing 5 kilograms on Japanese matte art paper published in Thailand titled “Narendra Modi – A Charismatic & Visionary Statesman” published by U.K. Publishers & Distributors, London, “to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards the transformation of the lives of underprivileged citizens of India.”

Narendra Damodardas Modi became India’s 14th Prime Minister in May 2014, as a through a landslide victory in a seismic national election. He attained an iconic status and the stature has only grown with time, in India and beyond. In just over a year of becoming the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, he succeeded in making a global impact through a number of bold policy initiatives on domestic as well as foreign affairs. Today, he dominates every discussion and debate on political as well as socio-economic concerns in India. This is not only because he is the head of the executive establishment, but purely due to his influence on the contemporary state of affairs.

With the dogmatic pursuit of the agenda of development, Narendra Modi returned to power in the State of Gujarat for an unprecedented fourth consecutive term as the Chief Minister. His rise as a true leader of the masses was unprecedented. Never before has India seen a leader who the public paid to listen to in election rallies. Even Muslim leaders acknowledge that under Modi, Muslims in Gujarat were much safer than in any other part of India. True to his election promise, Prime Minister Modi is working hard for the overall development of the country. Hence, making a notable departure from the past, even his foreign policy focuses on business diplomacy, so as to make India the global hub for foreign investment.

This book deconstructs the events of the larger than life Modi and sutures them together to present an objective picture of the Indian Prime Minister, who successfully left the spectre of the Gujarat riots of 2002 behind to rise like a phoenix in spite of much adversity and court battles. The book also contains rare photographs of Modi depicting his life since his childhood. It also offers an insightful encyclopaedic subject index. The book contains pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending various important events and his meetings with eminent personalities from across the world. These people include Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers of various countries, and several other influential persons such as religious heads. It also includes various Governors, Chief Ministers, Chief Justices and Chief Secretaries of all the Indian states. It includes photographs of Members of Parliament belonging to National Democratic Alliance, Heads of various tribunals, PSUs, paramilitary and armed forces, CEOs of corporations who have significantly contributed to the development of the nation by effective implementation of the policies and decisions of Narendra Modi government. In addition to pictures, a short biographical sketch of each of these personalities has also been included in the book as part of its encyclopaedic subject index.

The book is among the rare works and has painstakingly covered the journey of Modi right from his early childhood days, till held the reins of the country. It has spanned each significant event and chronicled the myriad influences that shaped his ideology and thought process.

The book has been appreciated in political circles for its dispassionate coverage and candid biographical account providing deep and remarkable insights into the life led by Modi and his illustrious growth to distinction as one of the most sought after world leaders.