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Woolston Printing provides pre-press printing services for printed business materials and products. Based in Tasmania, the company has over 90 years of experience in providing print solutions in Australia.

[Western Junction, 17/09/2018] – Woolston Printing offers pre-press printing services for printed collaterals of small businesses. The company assures ‘utmost clarity and precision’ to produce print materials accurate to the client’s brand. Their production capacity range includes short, long and variable data print runs and quality control by using the latest technology such as digital press for colour consistency and Digifold for creasing and folding.

Pre-Press Printing

The  pre-press printing services by Woolston Printing focus on preparing the client’s printed collaterals before going into the final print layout. Woolston Printing graphic designers, typesetters, and proofreaders create engaging designs according to client specifications to align with the brand of the business.

The Woolston Pre-Press Printing services include:

1. Brand management

2. Graphics

3. Proofing

4. Typesetting

Meetings between the company and the client discuss how to manage the brand before graphic designers format the text and graphic elements agreed upon during designing meetings with the client. They require the use of design software to create the design layouts. The client will proof the electronic copy of the collateral to ensure accuracy. The typesetting process focuses on the visual presentation of each design element and text arrangement to result in a visually appealing image before printing.

The Role of Pre-Press Printing in Establishing Business Brand

Brand management is an essential part of the pre-press printing. During the meetings between the company and the client, the visual identity, corporate colours, typography and design elements are discussed to create a clear understanding of the brand and that it is delivered consistently across all the printed and digital collateral. Managing the brand consistently ensures that it effectively communicates the company’s message to the target audience, establishing the company’s identity.

About Woolston Printing

For nearly 90 years, Woolston Printing has been providing a line of complete print services to various industries in Australia. The company offers quality printing, competitive pricing and short job turnarounds. With total client satisfaction as the minimum requirement, Woolston Printing has become a well-established commercial printing company in Australia.

For more information about Woolston Printing and other commercial printing concerns, visit or call (03) 6391 8481.