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Employee Management has always been an integral aspect of every business. Employees strive hard to achieve business goals and are the soul of an organization.

Talygen, one of the leading service providers of cloud-based Business Management solutions, always aims to provide feature-rich employee management software to enhance business efficiency.

Talygen has recently launched an upgraded version of its employee management solution which can improve the decision making of your human resource department.

‘’The main objective of employee management software is to integrate various human resource and administration functions in a single location from where all tasks can be managed easily’’, said Harold Saini, Chief Program Manager at Talygen.

Committed to stay ahead of the competition, Talygen’s one of the world’s best employee time tracking software helps managers to effortlessly review an employee’s tasks and performance.

Some robust features of Talygen’s upgraded employee time keeping software include:

• Talent Acquisition Management

Talygen’s intuitive employee time tracking software allows Human Resource Managers to automatically manage and improve hiring abilities of their organization. This hassle-free talent acquisition management helps to recruit and retain talented performers.

• Advanced Attendance Tracking System

Talygen’ Employee Task Tracking Software helps managers to keep tracking team member’s attendance and breaks. They can also manage working days and weeks of team members on the basis of a specific shift or location. This employee task tracking software is also able to track the check in and check out timings of employees.

• Spot-on Employee Evaluation System

Talygen’s employee management software tracks employees’ performance to understand how they are performing to achieve an organization’s goals. Senior Managers can analyze employee’s performance with the help of multi-level reviews. Managers can assign multiple reviewers who evaluate the performance on the basis of multiple skill sets. Employees have to fill details in the questionnaire given by Managers that will further be dissected by different reviewers.

One Application Many Functions

Talygen helps managers to manage all the information related to employees in a single comprehensive integrated application. Apart from the above mentioned features, Talygen’s employee management software also offers innumerable advanced functionalities. Project Managers can assign tasks, manage team members’ shifts, use Ticketing system, review assigned tasks, employee’s availability and much more.

About Talygen

Talygen is among the leaders in Business Management Automation. Talygen’s integrated suite of services and processes allows businesses to manage their core workflows via cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. With its wide variety of features, easy to use concepts and enhanced functionality, it allows an end to end process management and seamless communication between stakeholders in a project or business.

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