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One of the leading pet food providers in the US provides protein-rich cat food to prevent serious health problems, keeping felines healthy. 

[AGAWAM, 09/17/2018] — Dave’s Pet Food offers a variety of cat food that matches every feline’s needs. It has dry, canned, and its new offering, pouched cat food. The selection also comes in various flavors that cats would not only enjoy but which are also suitable for their health.

Keeping Feline Stomach Happy

For cat owners who prefer dry food for their furry friends, they can try Dave’s Naturally Healthy Adult Cat. Made with real chicken, it provides healthy and balanced nutrition to cats. It also has fresh ingredients, like blueberries and cranberries, to improve a cat’s urinary tract health.

Cat owners can choose from different canned food, as well. Dave’s Pet Food features Naturally Healthy canned cat food made with different formulas, including chicken, turkey, tuna, and more.

The brand also has 95 percent Premium Meat option. As the name suggests, this variant contains more meat; it has no grain, corn, and cereal, and gluten.

Dave’s Pet Food has food options for a restricted diet, too. These options are low in protein, phosphorus, and magnesium level. Pet owners should note, however, that they are for intermittent feeding only and with advice from a veterinarian.

Diet-Related Health Risks

Apart from providing a range of cat food, Dave’s Pet Food also offers a solution in case felines experience diet-related problems. For example, obesity among cats can cause severe health conditions, like diabetes or arthritis.

Dave’s Pet Food recommends its 95 percent Premium Meat canned food because it can help cats lose some weight. Pets would benefit from essential vitamins and minerals.

This product is also ideal for cats with diabetes. Felines with this condition should stick to a diet that has more protein and only a few carbohydrates. Cat owners should consider feeding them wet food rather than dry.

Meanwhile, the Naturally Healthy dry food could suit the taste of picky cats. It is full of natural protein from chicken, turkey, or beef.

About Dave’s Pet Food 

Dave’s Pet Food is one of the leading high-quality, healthy pet food providers in the United States. The brand is available in over 2,000 independent pet stores across the country. Owner Dave Ratner is part of the National Retail Federation board.

His brand has received the Springfield Republican Reader Raves Award, the Advocate “Best of the Valley” Pet Shop Award, and the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

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