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myOffice Business Center

Level 14
Tower 1
Bouldevard Plaza
Dubai. U.A.E

Phone: +971 800 69633 423

Leased office space has been the option small and medium size office has preferred to use in the past. But things have begun to change with the introduction of serviced office space.

Serviced office facilities are being frequently used by businesses as they seek viable workspace solutions. It has become a popular option that offers countless benefits to small and emerging businesses. There are plenty of benefits to operating a business from a serviced office space.

When deciding to set-up a new office, value for money should be a predominant factor. A serviced office will offer reduced cost of leasing which comes from sharing modern amenities within the office space, with no hidden costs and low overheads.

Small and medium businesses will benefit from a shared facility, as the office space will come fully equipped, modern and clean without having to bear the added expenses of purchasing furniture. Additionally, businesses can share other amenities which include meeting rooms, boardrooms and kitchen space.

A serviced office facility will have an existing IT infrastructure. Setting up an IT infrastructure is time consuming and a difficult task. Businesses will be eligible to use the existing IT infrastructure that is provided allowing staff to connect to their devices and start on their work immediately.

The CEO of myOffice states, “Our serviced office facilities will have your business up and running within the first 24 hours. Your company can work within its own side and there will be no disturbances. It is a positive element for new businesses and startups. You may even acquire an excellent business contact”.

Aside from managing a leased office, businesses can save themselves from extra supervision. There will be more time to focus on the core goals and what is important to the business, without the added worry of trivialities. Everything is automatically seen to in a serviced office space.

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myOffice Business Center offers unrivaled business and office solutions which include company formation services, business registration, business investor visas, business sponsorships, meetings and lounge areas and modern and services offices. With a dedicated and experienced team, the company provides customized solutions for each client. We don’t believe that any two clients are the same and we are dedicated to ensuring each client gets personalized attention and flexible and easy business set-up solutions. For more information, visit our official website on