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Silicon wafers required for surface processing by customized technology of S-Diamond Industrial Co., Sapphire, and alumina. It is a professional production 01 body for cutting and cutting diverse materials such as LCD (substrate) and electronic parts with high precision and high efficiency.

Sapphire (led material)

• Grinder Load Reducing Design
• Wafer Damage (Down) with efficient Wheel Blade Wafer Touch Surface
• Efficient Grinder heat radiation with Wheel Blade
• CW direction diagonal model design
• Sapphire Wafer friendly Wheel design
• Wheel design with priority in product quality
• Wheel Life Time Easy adjusting design
• Easy lifespan selection type Wheel Blade design with priority in quality

Dicing Blade

Usage of the products
Wafer Grinder Wheel to adjust the thickness and height for easy Chip packaging with the Patterned Wafer that completed FAB process, which is the pre-process in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Dicing Blade Si Wafer Dicing Saw Blade
Vitrified blade / resin blade / metal blade
We produce Vitrified. Metal. Resin, Blade that efficiently art various materials (silicon wafer / sapphire / alumina / LCD (PCB) or electronic parts) with precision and excellent efficiency.

Resin bonded wheels
It is manufactured by mixing synthetic resin (phenol and polyimide) and fillers super abrasive materials
Can be effectively used in the broadest range of applications.
– Available in a large range of shapes and sizes
– A fair degree mechanical bonding
– Fairly good abrasion resistance
– Can be designed for both wet and dry grinding modes – Good free-cutting qualities