Form Direct Provides Market-Leading Range of Boscaro Construction Equipment

Form Direct is an Australian provider of concrete construction supplies. The company’s catalogue includes the Boscaro range of products, a leading Italian brand of construction tools and equipment.

[SVENSSON HEIGHTS, 14/09/2018] — Form Direct supplies a wide range of concrete construction equipment, materials and on-site essentials for Australia’s concreting and construction industries. The company’s products are carefully selected and backed by relevant manufacturers’ warranties and international safety standards. Their extensive range of products includes the Boscaro line of equipment.

Quality products for on-site efficiency

Boscaro products are designed and manufactured in Italy. Their range of products is high-quality and versatile, making them a trusted brand in the construction industry. Boscaro has produced robust and premium-grade construction supplies for more than 40 years.

Following are some Boscaro products that Form Direct provides its clients:

• Concrete Kibble C-99N – This concrete bucket with lever discharge is made for versatility and maximum site efficiency. This cut-height bucket allows for bottom discharge. Optional accessories include a side chute attachment and a centre chute attachment with a hose.
• Concrete Kibble CL-50 – The concrete kibble has a reduced height and includes a side chute for lateral discharge. This type of bucket is ideal for batching plants.
• Self-dumping Boat Skip – Typically used for general waste and muck removal, this boat skip ensures safe and easy disposal. Its low loading height and drop-down bale make filling smooth and efficient.
• Stacking Skip Bins – Boscaro’s stacking bins are used for loading and unloading of material and construction equipment. It can carry up to 1000kg.
• Galvanised Site Box – This heavy-duty toolbox is equipped with locks and can be used for storage and in transporting supplies. Its capacity can reach up to 500kg.

Boscaro’s concrete buckets comply with international health and safety standards.

About Form Direct

Form Direct is an established supplier of industry-leading equipment and materials for the concrete building industry. The company also provides a range of professional and skilled services for a host of projects.

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