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The e-Institute High School is an Arizona-based charter school that gives students the opportunity to finish high school, at their own pace preparing them well for their future. 

[GLENDALE, 9/14/2018]—e-Institute High School provides customized education based on the needs of students to help them finish high school at their own pace. The premier charter high school in Surprise, Arizona explains that students can choose from a selection of required high school courses and some electives, such as elements of reading and civics.

This type of learning is ideal for students who struggle in traditional schools because it gives them a chance to study in a comfortable way.

A Convenient Way of Learning

According to e-Institute High School, students can choose the format in which they study, which can be online or in a classroom setting. They also have the liberty to finish their courses anytime because courses have flexible schedules to cater to the students’ unique learning styles and needs.

The charter high school allows students to pick classes from different course sessions, which take two to four hours and are spread across five days a week. The teachers and the rest of the staff guide the students in identifying their goals and prepare them for their future.

This program is available for students who want to graduate early by earning extra credits or those who want to make up the courses they missed. Students who have a job, a sports career, or other responsibilities can receive this unique learning method.

Quality Education as the Priority 

e-Institute High School believes that the most powerful weapon is education. That is why the charter school designs a well-rounded curriculum.

Additionally, e-Institute High School aims to make quality high school education accessible to more individuals.

The charter school says, “Whether you want to earn extra credits to graduate early or make up the courses you missed to graduate on time, e-Institute High School is an ideal place for you. We offer a learning experience different — but equally meaningful — from what you used to have in a regular public high school.”

About e-Institute High School

e-Institute High School is a charter school in Arizona, offering free alternative learning methods for high school completion. Each program aligns with the Arizona State Standard and provides the latest in educational assessment, enhancement, remedial practice, and more.

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