Dadublock Iron kits line tracer of things internet and A.I speech recognition in korea

By developing content for coding education, we can easily access related contents, so that we can learn coding anytime and anywhere. Because of its high quality of education, it is used as a teaching material in many universities.We have a wide education spectrum from elementary school to college professor, and there is enough educational material to provide education to famous university professors, and the quality of coding education is the best in Korea.

Iron Kits Line Tracer:
• It is highly utilized in various fields such as free semester, free grade, and undergraduate courses.
• Direct production with DIY products
• Coding allows obstacle avoidance, line tracer functioning
• Controlled by Bluetooth application
• Easy teaching and learning with teaching materials

Things Internet:
• Using GPIO
• Web server production
• Utilizing push alarm service
• Public data reception
• (temperature, standard time, etc.)
• IoT service
• Easy teaching and lecture with teaching materials Artificial Intelligence

1st speech recognition
• Can learn raspberry and python
• Speech recognition can be directly coded
• Easy to learn and lecture with teaching materials

Second Deep Running:
• Possible to learn tensor flow
• Direct production with DIY products
• Possible to run autonomously by image recognition
• Easy to learn and lecture with teaching materials

Possible to learn an principal of Arduino basics and cheaper price offer an educational material, D.I.Y. product, Line trace, direction of infrared light, Avoid barrier through the coding, possible to control by Bluetooth app and luxurious design and offer an educational material. Artificial Intelligence DADUBLOCK START KI evublock SMART Ct 11S1 ILD BOOKS Operation on Linux OS. Possible to learn a thread concept on Easily learning and lecture from OS related contents like book. drone kit for coding.

Raspberry Drones:
• Raspberry Drones Introduction
• Raspberry development environment installation
• Assemble and fly the drone
• Understand and test Bluetooth communication module
• Understand and test drone motors
• Understanding and testing acceleration gyro sensors
• Introduction to PID algorithm
• Balance drone with roll, pitch, and yaw angles
• Motor speed calculation