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Jumeirah Yachts Dubai

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It may seem like only the rich and famous go on yacht charter holidays particularly when magazines depict celebrities holidaying on luxury cruises and yachts. Does an average person ever get to sail away on one of these super yacht holidays?
Yes, and rightly so. When taking a regular holiday there are numerous expenses that must be borne, whether it’s air fare, hotel accommodation and food. Looking at it quite closely, it is obvious to see that a regular holiday too can be a costly expense. There is not much difference between vacationing in a hotel or on a yacht charter. And when holidaying on a yacht there are ample benefits unlike in a hotel. For example, travelers get to glimpse places, people and moments that they may never been able to see from a hotel balcony.
Yacht cruises in Dubai will take travelers to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. This is what is so special about sailing on a yacht with Jumeirah yachts Dubai. There are plenty of hotels surrounding these destinations for those that want to take a break in-between sailing.

It’s good to remember that a hotel means a fixed spot, whereas, taking a yacht charter in Dubai gives travelers the freedom to stop in several places and explore secluded beaches and beautiful scenery. There are so many beautiful places to see on a single holiday.
One of the main reasons celebrities go on yacht cruises is to enjoy the complete privacy they experience in the ocean. And this is pretty much the same reason average people go on vacation, to get away from the everyday chaos in life. There is no intrusion from hotel guests, there is a yacht crew to cater to every requirement, and travelers get to enjoy quiet and bliss that they may not have anywhere else.
A yacht charter in Dubai is a personalized vacation. There is a chef on-board who will provide food and drinks throughout the day. Travelers will be given a customized itinerary based on the information that is provided to the yacht charter company. However, it is flexible which means they can change the course of their travels.
Everyone wants to go on vacation and do something different, says the Head of Jumeirah Yachts Dubai, “So here’s your opportunity”.

He further notes, ” You can experience an exciting adventure on the ocean. Whether it is to have some fun, frivolity or adventure while exploring quaint little villages, it is a vacation that will have memories to last a lifetime.
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Jumeirah Yachts is a yacht charter company in Dubai, offering luxury, comfort and adventure. We have a passionate team that will warmly welcome you aboard and let you have a once in a lifetime experience. We are dedicated to creating a hospitable and safe atmosphere whether you are out on a romantic cruise, day out with family, celebrating a birthday, sightseeing or adventure sailing. We want to deliver the best that marine leisure has to offer. For more information, visit our website on https: //