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Super Yacht Dubai
Umm Seqeim 2
Fishing Harbour Dubai

Telephone: +971 55 693 1948

A luxury yacht charter offers endless possibilities. Even for the most seasoned traveler, there is something fresh and unique about being on-board a luxury yacht. It is not just the experience of being on water, but there are adventures to enjoy while passing land. The ship it can be steered in whichever direction the visitor chooses. Surrounded by tranquil blue waters and watching the sunset sailing away on a luxury yacht in Dubai offers an opportunity to see the world from a different angle.
A luxury yacht charter in Dubai is a way of trying out the newest water toys. Usually, super yachts are home to some fabulous diving spots. When on a luxury yacht charter learn how to get the maximum out of the surrounding waters. There is sophisticated diving equipment and scuba diving gear which allows vacationers to explore the oceanic waters unlike they have never before. There is beautiful marine life in relatively shallow water, and some of the most magnificent sea creatures ever to be seen.
With a gourmet chef on-board, visitors can indulge in some deliciously prepared meals. With a yacht crew on-board, every single need will be taken care of. There is a level of freedom, privacy and adventure with the crew obliging their visitors at every turn that cannot be found anywhere else.
A luxury yacht is created for comfort and indulgence. There is the highest quality of detail and craftsmanship, and the yacht will be prepared for the visitors’ arrival which means from the moment they step on-board they will feel completely at home. Luxury yachts are beautifully decorated and styled with fabulous designs and state of the art facilities and systems.

Make memories with family and friends, says the Head of Super Yacht Dubai, “There is nothing like the time spent in a home away from your home”
He further notes, “The time you spend aboard the luxury yachts in Dubai will give you some of the most beautiful experiences with people close to you. And yes, you can sum it up as the vacation of your dreams”.
About Us
Super Yacht is a dynamic yacht charter company in Dubai, offering luxury, comfort and adventure. We have a passionate team that will warmly welcome you aboard and let you have a once in a lifetime experience. We are dedicated to creating a hospitable and safe atmosphere whether you are out on a romantic cruise, day out with family, celebrating a birthday, sightseeing or adventure sailing. We want to deliver the best that marine leisure has to offer. For more information, visit our website on