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A very simple question and a pretty innocent question usually we come across with. Can I use hardwood flooring in my New Jersey condo? Answer to the question is a straight forward yes however there can be a couple of things you will have to examine before installing the hardwood floors. There is a fair enough chance that the condo has concrete subfloor for which engineered hardwood flooring should be used. Before the installation proper flooring company will inspect the condition of the concrete. An in house inspection should be planned so the flooring company can examine the concrete and installed flooring. If you are living in a condo, managed by board then there has to be a set of guidelines as to what are the different types of flooring allowed to be installed in the condo. After all the guidelines are met and type is finalized then you will have to work on logistics such as the length of the boards to see if they will fit in the elevator or not. Usually the flooring boards are 8‘ to 12’ long. Long boards usually help in visual continuity in floor design when installed.

Wood Flooring NJ will guide you through every step of your flooring project so you are not left clueless. Our trained, experienced and super friendly staff is equipped with all the flooring knowledge you require before starting with your flooring project. Samples of the flooring can be found at For more information we can be reached via email at or we can reached at 551-206-0600.