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Melbourne, Australia — 12 September 2018 — Total Car Diagnostics is the leading Australian web site that gives ample information for the car enthusiasts as to operate at their peak performance. It has great articles on what can be used as to fine tune the chip of the car as to unlock their full capacity. The vagcom diagnostic cable and software is considered one of the leading cables that can be used as to perform the cutting edge analysis.

What is not so great about the web is that four out of five such cables are fake and don’t work as advertised. Cracked software botches the operations and at the end of the day might produce a bad outcome. Using the vcds as to unlock the full potential of the car is a must for most of those that have newer cars. The manufacturers of these cars are hiding a lot of extra powers between the electronic gates that are supposed to be closed. Unlocking the full potential takes just some tweaking on the side of the mechanic at the car shop.

Getting the original vagcom can cost people a lot and by a lot it’s usually more than six hundred US dollars. What can now be done about it is the possibility as to get an unofficial clone of this cable with the software included for just 67 dollars. Anyone can afford such a thing and by having this cable then you are automatically apt in tuning the car by connecting the computer to the car. With just a few tweaks it’s possible to unlock more than fifty per cent of the performance of the car that has been locked by these manufacturers.

The vag com can be a magical tool in the right hands and with just a few clicks of the mouse the situation can change dramatically. Knowing the system well will reward the client with an almost new car that simply relishes in the top performance that can be mustered. It’s important to understand what the vag com can do to the car and why it is critical to do it sooner rather than later. Missing the opportunity to get the cable at this price can lead to huge expenditures later on and this is why it is so important to act now rather than any time later.

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