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Coaroo is a compound word of Core (core, core) and koala (koala) and Kangaroo (kangaroo). Coaroo is the center of gravity. Like a kangaroo leaping with its cubs,like a koala that carries a baby and climbs lightly on a tree, we wanted to give you a unconstrained bag.Lightly go out! Travel lightly! Coaroo bag that makes life light.
The core of the Koaru bag, Ji Sung-hee invented the sliding pad! How did you find that cool idea?
There was a woman who left for studying in Japan. After finishing her studies in Japan, she became a mother of two children who had a job and married. As usual women, she lived as a worker and a mother. Her bag, however, was heavier and more uncomfortable. Then one day she accidentally visits her Japanese friend’s house. There I saw a grandmother pulling out a long string to lift her baby and instantly raising her baby in X. She shouted at Eureka. Dusky, a long-established traditional culture in Japan, is a Korean moment, and she is reminded of the moment when she was reunited with the idea of using a new, heavy and inconvenient bag. Put a weight on the center of the bag, then turn into a bag that turns into a comfortable bag. So, the coral came into the world.


Marche is derived from the word “market” in French. .
At that moment then the 5-way COAROO Bag will be more useful in a complex situation like shopping if you do not put it all along. .
Therefore, Marche of COAROO who can relax size and use both hands freely gives you more comfortable and relaxing shopping.
The front pocket part containing the slanted wrinkle reminds me of a simple but sophisticated, lovely feeling ribbon. The side pocket of the connection feeling with the front pocket was designed so that it can be used immediately like a pocket at reachable place and designed to be used conveniently when going out with taking shopping and children.
Handling that can be used as a shoulder bag with a slope pocket is also designed, and it is a model that further improved practicality.
Marche is very lightweight using 100% of the outer material made from Korean nylon fabric.
It is a product whose function test and inspection of the fabric has been completed on products exported in Japan.
The product color has six distinctive colors of navy, green, khaki, gray, violet, light green.
(Navy Peacock feather blue color taste you light ~)
(Green Standard only you point)
(Khaki & Recommended for you settled in ethnic)
(Gray &; Chicness also unique)
(Violet & gt; Heavy elegance given by color feeling of audio real)
(Light green & gt; your point color for light footsteps)
Are you looking for bag manufacturers in korea and Coaroo Marche Bag korea? Marche of COAROO who can relax size and use both hands freely gives you more comfortable and relaxing shopping.