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Global Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) Market is expected to reach USD 10.89 Billion by 2024 from USD 3.6 Billion in 2016 at CAGR of 14.85% (Detailed analysis of the market CAGR is provided in the report).

Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) assists in handling and analyzing large amounts of data generated in healthcare for effective decision making and enable healthcare organizations to build applications that help them understand their processes and use technology to help ensure health care quality and reduce cost.

Global Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) Market is segmented by function, technology, application, end user, and geography. Function segment is classified as query & reporting tools, OLAP and visualization tools and performance management/ monitoring & alerts. Technology segment is classified as traditional BI, mobile BI, and cloud BI. Various applications covered under the scope of this reports are clinical, financial analysis, and operational performance & cost management. The end-user segment is divided into hospitals, physician practices/clinics, IDNs/MCOs/ACOs/HIEs and healthcare payers. The market on the basis of geography is segmented by North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America.

Increasing demand for reduction in healthcare costs is trending the overall Global Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) Market. However, the lack of skilled resources with cross-functional skills will restrain the market growth. APAC is going to emerge as highest growth region in Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) Market in forecast period followed by North America and Europe. Rising awareness, recent health care developments, improving economies, increasing number of public and private hospitals in this region will fuel the Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) Market in APAC region.